Coach's Corner

The most important skill is dribbling. At early ages or for beginners, the most important thing to practice is dribbling.

If your team is U4 or U6, focus on dribbling.  If your team is U8 or older you will progress to control dribbling, passing and receiving, throw – in, and how to “chip” the ball.  Choose the games that are most effective and use the extra practice time to play the games that teach the skills you need to improve on.

For U4’s and U6’s

  • Follow the Coach (Follow the Leader)
  • Dribble Around / Through a Cone
  • Coach Says (Simon Says)
  • Soccer Bowling, using pylons
  • Pass in Pairs, moving farther apart
  • Shots on Goal, moving farther back (with or without goalie)
  • Pass in a Circle with person in the middle (add pylons to knock down)


U8’s and Older

  • All of the Above Games
  • Dribble Across a Square
  • Driving School (Coach Gives Direction: Left Turn, Stop etc.)